Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A day in the life of ...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014. Memorial of St. Monica

6:50 am Alarm goes off (5 minutes later than usual). Morning offering. Get up. Check phone (real quick don't dawdle!), check blood pressure (normal, phew), cup of tea, Divine Office/meditation, get ready for Mass

8:30 am Holy Mass

9:05 am Bowl of cereal, some phone calls, emails. Shower. Meanwhile, more messages, email, and one from a funeral home.

10:15 am first appointment. Word comes through that one of our Auxiliaries is trying to get a hold of me. [What? What did I do?] Call his office, leave message

11:00 am second appointment

11:45 am Appointment (made just this morning), doesn't show. Mental note to contact person later. Couple of more emails. Get stuff out of sacristy to take to new campus for Adoration tonight.

12:05 pm lunch in my room. [Reading: "The Mass: A Study of the Roman Rite" by Adrian Fortescue]

12:20 pm Head to funeral home to bless a body. Catholic family, not very active. Since the Blessed Sacrament is in the car with me, chant (Adoro te Devote) and pray.

1:10 pm Head to our new campus/parish office. Get Adoration paraphernalia into chapel, Blessed Sacrament into the Tabernacle. Clear out mailbox (more messages).

1:45 pm Soccer Field: the entire parish school has gathered for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The Principal, staff, and athletes are taking the challenge, having been tagged by the local Catholic high school. Give a brief talk about why we're donating to the JPII Medical Research Institute, and the immorality of embryonic-stem-cell research. The parents of a school alumnus who died at the age of 26 from ALS are present and acknowledged. Lots of fun and good cheer.

SJS Staff and students get doused!
2:15 pm A bit of a breather. Pray. Emails, messages, looking at calendars. Some phone tag. Get file ready for next appointment. Post +ABG's Ice Bucket Challenge vid to social media.

3:30 pm Parishioner swings by to drop off tickets for the Georgia game on Saturday. [Thank you!] Message my buddy in Savannah who's coming up for the game [BEAT CLEMSON!]

4:00 pm A staff member's computer isn't connecting to the network. 20 minutes of poking around, and it works. Look over paperwork for next appointment.

4:30 pm Appointment (annulment)

5:10 pm Run up the road to Chick-Fil-A. Return and wolf down sandwich in parking lot.

5:30 pm Finance Council

5:50 pm Leave Finance Council to help set up our Young Adult/College outreach ("Equip Athens") event in the youth room. Visiting priest gives a great talk on "Beauty & Greatness." Lots of mental notes taken for my talk with the Middle Schoolers later this week. I was also supposed to drop in to the meeting with parents of the children in Religious Education in the gym. I do not yet have the ability to bilocate, however.

"Man is relation to the infinite." A favorite Luigi Giussani quote, with a trademark Don Gius diagram
from "The Religious Sense."
Now on a cool tee-shirt thanks to Deacon Branson!

Fr. Juan talks beauty with Michelangelo's Pietà.
7:15 pm Set up for Adoration. Exposition, Confessions, Benediction. [Mental note: we need a stock of longer albs in the sacristy at Epps. Fr. Juan looked comical in that skirt-alb!]

8:10 pm Help clean up. Take visiting priest back to Chick-fil-A for a quick dinner before he heads back to Atlanta. Turns into a wonderful conversation. Grateful for priestly fraternity

9:10 pm Run across the road to Walmart to buy a car charger (the old one broke). Phone's almost dead and has been on airplane mode for an hour.

9:30 pm Head out to the bless the new apartment of one of our young adults, nearly 30 minutes behind schedule. As phone is charging and off airplane mode, it lights up with ... more emails and messages! A small group has gathered at the apartment. Lots of laughter and Catholic nerd jokes.

Catholic Nerd Stuff: a table in the house that I blessed! 
10:10 pm As I'm leaving, one of the students (whom I've gotten to know very well over the past year), walks to my car with me and tells me he has decided to apply to seminary. Had a conversation with the vocation director of his home diocese earlier, who is giving him an application form. Thrilled and grateful beyond words! And really grateful for these faith-filled young folks with whose presence the Lord has blessed me so much.

10:17 pm Pull up to Rectory. Finish praying the outstanding Hours, very tired, but with a hugely grateful heart.

There's already a long list of flagged items in my inbox, still pending messages, incomplete things on my to do list. While most days are not quite this long, it's rare that I get through my to do list. This is a big parish. There's only two priests for the four county territory of the parish. However, one of the lessons the Lord is teaching me is that it's His parish. I am His servant. He is still in charge, and I cannot do everything.

So, pray for more vocations.

And for those thinking about the priesthood -- it is an incredible, amazing life. I see the Lord doing jaw dropping things every day.

Pray for your priests! 

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Bob Barry said...

God Bless you, Father!!! And God Bless all our Holy Priests... As Director of Music/Liturgy, I get a chance to see how harried our priest's lives are... If more people only knew, they would be praying for vocations!

B. Barry