Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A Bishop of Rome celebrates the old Mass

This is fantastic news for those attached to the Vetus Ordo! (Via NLM)
The Fraternity of St Peter’s Roman parish, Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini, was very honored to welcome as the celebrant of the Mass for Laetare Sunday His Excellency Matteo Zuppi, the Auxiliary Bishop of Rome responsible for the pastoral care of the city center, including Trinità dei Pellegrini. This was the first time that an auxiliary of Rome durante munere has celebrated Mass in the Extraordinary Form in a Roman parish since the post-Conciliar liturgical reforms began, and the whole parish community was very glad to accede to His Excellency’s request to say the Mass.
(Image from NLM)

Fr. Z's take on this.

Incidentally, I was privileged to serve as Deacon at the main Mass on Pentecost Sunday last year at the Pantheon in Rome (also, it turns out, the last post on my once-super-secret seminary blog), just a few weeks before my Ordination to the priesthood. The celebrant was the same Mons. Zuppi. He was very gracious in the sacristy to this American transitional deacon, and readily gave me his blessing in anticipation of my upcoming Ordination. A couple of the sacristans vested me in a beautiful antique dalmatic. The Archpriest saw this and came over and roundly scolded them. "Cosa fate, lei é un vescovo?"The dalmatic I was mistakenly given was meant to be worn by the Bishop, underneath his chasuble, which is the traditional vesture for a Pontifical Mass. It was neat that the Bishop was wearing this for an OF Mass as well. What I got to wear was also a worthy, noble vestment, as the photo in the link above shows.

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