Friday, April 25, 2014

50 Days of Easter - Day 6

St. Bernard's chapel at my alma mater (where I'm back for a few days of R&R), decorated for Easter. 
Today's reflection is from the blog of a friend of mine, Sherry Weddell, co-director of the Catherine of Siena Institute, and author of the must-read "Forming Intentional Disciples." Here she's talking about the reading from the Wednesday of the Octave of Easter, leading up to the 2011 Beatification of Pope John Paul II. This week, the Church is preparing for his canonization (along with Pope JohnXXIII).

What Can We Expect of a Resurrected God? 

There is a old legend that a 13th century Pope was showing St. Thomas Aquinas around the glories of the Vatican and observed that Peter could no longer say that "I have neither silver or gold". St. Thomas had the ultimate snappy come-back: "Neither can he say "rise and walk".
Of course, throughout Christian history, certain Christians have been been able to say just that. Rome Reports features a fascinating story of a young Mexican boy healed of terminal leukemia, apparently through the embrace of Pope John Paul II.
“He looked like a skeleton, of only five years or so. His skin was hanging off the bone and his cheek was decaying. I was there and I had brought the mother. The pope got off the plane at the airport in Zacatecas. He saw the mother and took the child, which weighed nothing, it was only skin and bones, he kissed the baby and gave it back to the mother. That child was cured after the kiss from the pope.”
This widely known miracle wasn’t used for the beatification process because it happened during the Pope’s lifetime. This healing is simply a demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit working through a very human disciple walking the same earth as you and I.

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