Thursday, April 24, 2014

50 Days of Easter - Day 5

For today's reflection, we will stay with Psalm 118 (see yesterday), and will look at the catechesis of very-soon-to-be Saint John Paul II on this psalm.

In his General Audience of Wednesday, February 12, 2003, the Holy Father talked about Psalm 118, giving its exegetical and contextual background in the Psalter and in the Temple liturgy of Israel.
4. By applying the Psalm to himself, Christ opens the way for the Christian interpretation of this hymn of confidence and gratitude to the Lord for his hesed, his loving fidelity, that echoes throughout the Psalm (cf. Ps 117[118], 
The Fathers of the Church made use of two symbols. First of all, that of the "gate of justice" on which St Clement of Rome commented in his Letter to the Corinthians:  "For many gates stand open:  the gate of justice is the gate of Christ, and all are blessed who enter by it and direct their way "in holiness and justice', accomplishing all things without disorder" (48,4: I Padri Apostolici, Rome 1976, p. 81; The Apostolic Fathers, Letter of Clement of Rome to Corinth, Thomas Nelson and Co. 1978, p. 44).
The entire Catechesis is worth our meditation today.

Tomorrow we will examine the ways in which Psalm 118 has been incorporated in the liturgy by the Church.

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