Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Simple House

Several times a year I get a newsletter from a remarkable bunch of folks in the Washington D.C. area. A Simple House is a friendship-evangelization apostolate, where full-time volunteers live in a poor neighborhood and befriend their neighbors. I'd heard of them before (note, all the links in that 2007 blog post are now dead!). In 2010, I was at the FOCUS conference in Baltimore, and bumped into their booth, and had a wonderful chat with a couple of the missionaries. They had, if I recall correctly, committed to this apostolate for the rest of their lives. (They were also about to get married!) In all my time in Maryland, despite the best intentions (and you know what they say about those), I never made it down to visit them. They're on my prayer list, and once in a while, I'll drop them a check. (I think it's been quite a while!)

The newsletters are always awesome. Some have been collected and published as a book! I've put this latest one on Scribd. Have a look. Pray for them. Support them financially if you can.

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