Monday, August 18, 2008

Servants of the Father of Mercy

... is a new religious community in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, that grew out of the ministry of the folks who do a variety of work directly with the poor. Lots of thought-provoking insights at the Homeless in America blog.

I know one of the founders -- he visited the Paulists for a discernment retreat last year, and we've stayed in touch on and off since then. He's a holy man with a deep love for the Lord, and clearly with a call to serve Him in the suffering and needy.

I'm not entirely certain about the canonical status of this new group, but wanted to post something on here before I stop blogging. The following is from an email I received last Saturday:
Dear Sister or Brother in Christ,
Last Saturday marked the official inaugural Mass of Servants of the Father of Mercy as a new religious community dedicated to serving the homeless in America. Although most on our team have already been serving the poorest of the poor under bridges and in alleys for many years now, we have decided we can be of even more service by formalizing our Charity.

For the most part, myself and a few others have been privately funding the ministry, but our dreams of bringing Catholic spiritually and charity to our homeless will require a more substantial effort. Immediately we need to establish our offices and start a religious vocation house as we continue ministering to our homeless in the streets. Our future plans include opening St. Joseph’s Inn, a homeless career recovery house.

We need your help!

Please open the attached pledge donation form, print it and whisper a prayer as to how you can immediately help solidify the establishment of our offices and formation house for religious vocations.
For inquiries, or to support this worthy endeavor, please visit the Homeless in America blog for contact information, or email Br. Gary Joseph at ServantsoftheFatherATYmailDOTcom.

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