Friday, August 08, 2008

Bloggers of the world unite!

Had an absolutely delightful evening with bloggers Mark Shea and Alex Vitus. Dinner and brews at Tangletown Elysian Brewing Company (Their Pilsner was good. But not elysian.), and then circumnavigating Green Lake (no, it's not green), among various Seattleites offering strenuous physical sacrifice to the new gods of health and fitness.

(This feat -- circumnavigating Green Lake -- now allows me entry into the hallowed ranks of the Green Lake Power Walkers. Hmm.)

Here's undoctored (though still virtual) proof of the non-virtual existence of bloggers.

Oh and that's a Special Blogger Yatch next to us. Paid for by the GOP. I'll let Mark explain that. Or not. :)

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