Saturday, July 19, 2008

A weekend in the mountains ...

... a bunch of friends from SC have come up to northern GA, and we've gotten a cabin near Carter's Lake. Sweet place! No blogging over the weekend.

[I was down in Atlanta to return the rental, and Peter picked me up at the airport on his way in from SC. As we left the parking lot, his muffler fell out and a truck behind us ran over it. Not kidding! Luckily there was a Midas nearby and they got a new one on there in record time. Craig & Caity coming from Greenville got lost. Sean and Steph coming from Columbia later in the evening lost tons of time stuck on I-20 because of a major wrecking blocking the interstate. Bad travel day! I'm glad everyone's got here safe and sound.]

[Oh and my car's still not fixed.]


Anonymous said...

Has the hubs told you that our water pump is now leaking? Sooo not travelling with you crazy people again! :-P

mrs. sean

Gashwin said...

I know! So, my car spazzing out on last Wednesday; Peter's muffler falling out on Friday, Father's car acting up on Saturday and y'all's waterpump breaking on Sunday.

Could it be ... a curse? GEEZ!