Thursday, July 24, 2008

Untamed Beer

Want to point y'all to the neat blog of a friend from SC ... Untamed Beer. Brian's quite the brew-fficionado ... and who can forget memorable evenings such as the YACtoberfest at their house?

He links to the Catholic Beer Review, which has that lovely blessing of beer from the Roman Missal.

And while Franklin might have reminded us that beer is proof that God loves us (amen!), here's some G.K. wisdom as well ... No animal ever invented anything as bad as drunkenness - or as good as drink.

Nunc est bibendum!

(And Dogwood ... has anyone responded to the invite to go to the Brew at the Zoo in Columbia next weekend?)


Franklin said...

You missed an awesome fish fry at my house last night. Homemade beer from Jim, fresh-caught wild catfish from the Etowah river in northeast Alabama, hushpuppies, slaw, hot peach cobbler and homemade french vanilla ice cream.

And like good cielini, we finished out the night drinking and singing hours later.

Gashwin said...

One of these days I look forward to joining y'all!