Thursday, July 03, 2008

Indian youth traveling to Syndey ... "to overcome globalization"

Surely the editors at Asia News must realize the ... um ... disjunct in that headline? :)

Here's what the Bishop in charge of youth affairs for the CBCI said:
"Globalisation", Archbishop Cornelio continues, "along with its positive impact, has sadly also brought along with it negative consequences, and our Indian youth are struggling with this consumerism and individualist materialism and the pursuit of worldly riches". For this reason, experiences like WYD become essential moments in the formation of young people, calling them back to "solidarity, love, and peace", a message important for India, whose society is based on caste, and where there is no lack of episodes of violence and marginalisation against its weakest members. "The World Youth Days represent the ideal opportunity for cultural exchange, and a chance to grow in faith. This is true for us priests as well", the archbishop of Bhopal concludes, "so that we may maintain a youthful heart and spirit, essential elements for overcoming the generational gap and becoming true points of reference for young people, who often accuse us of not understanding their problems or needs".
About 500 youth from India are expected to travel to WYD which begins next week.

And yes, globalization has a downside. For sure. The cultural stuff, the family stuff. That's what the Church especially needs to be vigilant about, and to better form her flock against, as the good Bishop says. But it's not the cause of unmitigated evil. It's the one thing that has unshackled India's economy and lifted millions out of poverty. Sure, it's not perfect. But it's done what decades of planned socialism did not.

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