Friday, July 11, 2008

In Orissa the persecution of the Church continues

Cow killing triggers new round of anti-Christian violence in India

It's really bizarre. One can go to restaurants in Bombay or Delhi and eat beef, though certainly not at every restaurant (and McDonald's only serves chicken burgers). My Hindu family eats beef (though not regularly). I grew up eating beef. Muslims and Christians all over India eat beef. In college the most popular dish in the cafeteria was a super-spicy beef-curry-rice, and it wasn't just the Catholics who were eating it.

Pluralistic India manages the tension more or less smoothly -- during major Hindu festivals there are local anti-cow-slaughter laws, for instance. However, Hindus know that their Muslim and Christian and Zoroastrian neighbors eat beef. The "minority communities" would also take not to slaughter cows in public or in Hindu neighborhoods.

Yet, eating beef in rural Orissa is grounds for violence?

Give me a break. It seems like Orissa is becoming the test ground for the Sangh Parivar and their ilk to see if anti-Christian violence translates into electoral victory or not.

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