Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From professional soccer to seminary

USA Today profiles the story of a young man who is leaving his career in professional soccer to enter seminary to study for the priesthood! Alleluia!

He'll be a future classmate of mine at the Mount. The only thing is, he played soccer for Clemson. I suppose even that can be forgiven? :)

[H/t Amy, who pointed me to the link at the Deacon's Bench]

(Aside: what's striking about the story is how important his relationship to Christ has been for him. And, related to that, how important discerning God's will has been. That's something that all Catholics are called to do. And parishes should be places that help every Catholic discern his or her personal vocation, as well as his or her call to a particular state in life)

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mike said...

I live for the day when I can just respond to your aside with "Well, duh." May the Lord prosper your work and defend you.