Monday, July 21, 2008

Dinner with the Cielini

Last night I met up with members of Communion & Liberation's Atlanta community for dinner at Pasta Vino in Buckhead. I'd bumped into some of them at the Eucharistic Congress last month (and two of the leaders actually had read my blog before that ... [gasp]), and was very glad to finally meet up with several Cielini. What a great bunch of folks! Thanks y'all for your welcome.


Alex Vitus said...

Like I tell new people, "Jesus has no taste in friends!"

(actually, its not me, but I heard it from another cielini.)

Jim said...

Glad you could join us! By the way, you were reading my blog (back when I had one, before I was reading yours. :-)

Gashwin said...

@jim: aha! The ungratefully short memories of the blogosphere! :)

@alex: so true! :)