Monday, July 14, 2008

Could-a ... should-a ...

I got a call from a good friend from SC who works for the Paulists. (Ok, he's the Director of Development for the Society. We had a huge laugh about that -- he was hired just a little while before I left!) "So, I was doing an image search on the new book with the Pope's US talks that Paulist Press is publishing. And what was the first item returned in Google? Your blog! You must be making a killing with Ad-Sense."

Obviously I'm not a fund-raiser. I never did put advertising on the blog. Initially, I had qualms about doing that as a novice in a community that makes simple promises based on the evangelical counsels. After I left, I guess I just never got around to it.

Oh well! :)


Kraft said...

I have AdSense on my blog, but I think my content isn't exciting enough for people to actually click on the links.

Whenever I mention books, I usually attach an referral link with it, but only three people (ever) has purchased a book off of one of my links.

You're a much better blogger though, so you'll have better luck. Donate whatever you make to your Archdiocese. :-)

Gashwin said...

Well. I'm not sure it's worth effort for the few weeks of remaining life that the blog has :)

Kraft said...

Ah, that's right. I thought your blog closing up shop was only a bad dream. :-)

You can put MY AdSense code in your blog if you want. ;-)

EcceAdam said...

This morning when I googled myself (as I do each morning, after breakfast), I found myself on your blog.

I expect a portion of your proceeds. Thanks.


Gashwin said...

@ecceadam: "(as I do each morning, after breakfast),"

Hmm. Someone isn't full of themselves at all. :-p