Monday, July 14, 2008

Bureaucratic Efficiency

In order to get my car registered in Georgia, I need the vehicle title that South Carolina issued me. Which, of course, I can't find. I went to the SCDMV website, which said I could come to a customer service center, or mail a check for $15.00 along with a form, and a duplicate title would be issued. Another part of the website said that South Carolina only issues titles for vehicles that are currently housed in the state.

Hmm. So I called the customer service line. The lady was polite and very helpful: fill out the form requesting a duplicate title, another one officially registering a change of address to Georgia, enclose a cover letter and a check for $35.00 (expedited service, 3-5 business days). I complied, and mailed this out on July 3. And today, I have a duplicate title in the mail!

Nice to know things can work smoothly once in a while! :)

Now to head over this week to the county tax office to register the Boat in the Peach State.

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