Friday, June 20, 2008

Some reading for the upcoming Pauline Year

A bible study for the Pauline Year by Fr. Mitch Pacwa SJ (h/t Annunciations).
Immerse yourself in the person of the Apostle Paul--heroic in his martyr's death--but so recognizably human in his conversion story and subsequent letters to the faithful. Gain fresh insights into your own personal growth potential through the Scripture of St. Paul:

* What does Paul's conversion have to teach me about how power is perfected through my weaknesses?
* How does his experience as an apostle of Christ teach me about responding to my own vocation in life?
* How might I apply St. Paul's bold and creative approach to challenging today's cultural and social status quo?
* In what ways might I imitate his care and concern for the world?

Whether you use this guide for personal study, interactive journaling, or study with a group, you will find its format concise and easy to follow. Self-assessment charts invite you to test your knowledge of biblical passages, helping you retain what you learn.
A related link that Amazon threw out: The Gospel According to St. Paul by Maria Cardinal Martini, Archbishop emeritus of Milan (and a Jesuit too).

And from the Daughters of St. Paul:

Paul— Least of the Apostles
The Story of the Most Unlikely Witness to Christ

By Alain Decaux

Renowned French historian Alain Decaux brings St. Paul to life in this engaging new translation. By evoking his own memories in connection with the places where the Apostle lived, Decaux fuses the past with the present to offer an imaginative yet authentic image of St. Paul's life and journeys. Complete with 24 pages of full-color masterpiece artwork and photos of biblical locations, Paul, Least of the Apostles is a spiritual tour-de-force that invites us to follow in Paul's footsteps on the road to proclaim the Gospel of freedom with complete faith in "the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me" (Gal 2:20).

Also includes: An appendix containing the text of The Martyrdom of St. Paul, and a timeline of events contemporaneous with the life of St. Paul.

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