Sunday, June 08, 2008

Now for some economics ...

A closer look at the rising unemployment rate -- the rising minimum wage might have something to do with it. Also, links to historical discussion about minimum wage.

How pressing a problem is global warming? Cafe Hayek links to a WSJ article about a meeting in Copenhagen where top economists discuss how they would spend $75 billion to help the world.

No. 1: Economic supplements for malnutrition
No. 2: Successful outcome of the Doha Round.

Global Warming? #30.

Economics is a big part of my summer reading. Or economic philosophy at least.

The Road to Serfdom. (Hayek)
The Problem of Poverty. (Kuyper)
The Wealth of Nations. (Smith) This really is in honor of my late father. I'd told him I would read this, for years. It's eminently readable.

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coray said...

tell me how many chapters you get thru in twon.