Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Homeless in America

Last Fall, one of the guys who came to the Vocations Retreat at St. Paul's College (the formation house of the Paulist Fathers) was Gary G from Los Angeles. Gary and I have stayed in intermittent touch since (I've left the Paulist formation program, Gary is pursuing other paths). Gary works with the Scalabrinian Fathers, who work with the homeless in the Los Angeles area. He also runs the Homeless in America blog.

Over the past week or so, he's been driving across the country (on his way to his folks' place in Myrtle Beach, SC). We talked on the phone while he was in Georgia (but I couldn't make it down to Atlanta to see him): on his drive he's been stopping profiling various places along the way that serve the homeless.
HIA goes on the road beginning Monday, June 16th to present the homeless situation in other parts of the U.S. and its hidden realities. Check in for periodic updates from very spontaneous and unrehearsed locations. In this summer season of brutal heat and quick dehydration, pray mercifully with us for the poor across our country, that the Lord will reveal himself to them, heal them, and give them food, water, clothing, shelter, peace and safety. God give mercy and grace to all those who have supported this journey with kind and generous hearts. May His peace be yours!
Here are some reports: Homeless in South Carolina, Louisiana and Texas.

On his return, he plans to take a northerly route back West. Stay tuned!

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