Friday, June 20, 2008

The [G]Ooogle Sari

Fashion designer Satya Paul's latest.

Now I just can't imagine any self-respecting lady wearing a search engine. Especially one that says "Ooogle" instead of "Google." And as many have pointed out, at least Satya Paul didn't design one based on the iPhone or the iTouch!

[Aside: am I incredibly chauvinistic, or do saris just not work on white women? Fine -- Soniaji looks acceptable in one now. But the Bond-girls in Octopussy? Ok ... best not go down that route. Or, for that matter, when Bollywood first discovered the sari's ... um ... appeal. I'm totally dating myself, but anyone recall Ram teri ganga maili?]


coray said...

the ghora in lagaan looked ok

Gashwin said...

you do mean gori ("gora" would be a man, and I don't recall any men wearing saris in Lagaan), and no she didn't! :-p

coray said...

gashwin is a h8r... hataaaaaaa

Mac said...

Well, do South Indian women look OK in shalwar-qameezes? I must have hit home somewhat in my teasing of a Pakistani friend, who when she first arrived in Australia talked about taking the burqa and making her poor husband grow a beard: she's now power-walking to and from work in a skirt and running shoes. I took said husband to and from the mosque yesterday for Juma prayers and he must surely be skirting the edge of the Prophet's (peace be upon him, doncha know) mandates as to modesty.