Monday, June 30, 2008

Christ Our Hope -- the Pope's talks from the US Visit being published by Paulist Press

This just came in the inbox: Paulist Press will be publishing Christ Our Hope, a cloth book of 160 pages with the entire set of the 21 papal addresses, talks, and homilies given by Pope Benedict XVI during his April apostolic visit to the United States. The list price is $14.95 and it is scheduled to be available in two weeks, July 15th.

Well I am thrilled that the folks at Paulist Press are on the ball with this, and you can betcha that my copy will be pre-ordered in a jiff!

They also have a special section on resources for the Pauline Year.

Spread this far and wide!

[And if you'd rather just get a pdf, check the link that Clayton left in the comments!]

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