Monday, June 02, 2008

The cheek of this Bishop!

Cotabato Bishop warns that rice hoarders won't be given Communion.

I mean the country just got over a divisive General Election. Hasn't the Church interfered enough in the political lives of the free and democratic peoples of the Philippines?

What if the rice hoarders are following their consciences? What if they are personally opposed to rice hoarding, but, given the amazing amounts of profits that are to be made in a tight-supply market, find that their personal opposition simply doesn't mount to a hill of (pardon the unintended legumatic pun) beans?

What if they sincerely struggle with their consciences when it comes to rice hoarding, and come to that decision with regret and remorse?

I mean come on, who does this Bishop think he is, denying the unconditional love of God, that doesn't really care what we do with our lives, to these rice hoarders struggling to make a living killing?

[Sorry, I couldn't resist.] [H/t Amy.]


pritcher said...

There are no pardonable legumatic puns.

Mattheus Mei said...

You have sinned against the great legume, you will be punish-ed.

eulogos said...

Don't quite understand the pun.

Rice isn't a legume. Beans are...but where is the pun?

Main point of the story is right on though. We don't give communion to rice hoarders, that's cool, but we don't give communion to those who support baby killing, its freak out time.

(Language explanation: I must think I am back in the sixities after being reminded of the Credo of the Peole of God and The Peasant of the Garonne.)

The Peasant of the Garonne sat in the church for hours and said "I look at Him and He looks at me."
I remember that when I don't remember much else that Maritain said in that book, which I read over 30 years ago. Maybe it is time to read it again.

Susan Peterson

Gashwin said...

Thanks Susan for stopping by. I think pritcher and mattheus were just having some fun at my expense.

It's not really a pun though. "amount to a hill of beans" ... when we're talking about rice. I was just being clever. Too clever. :)