Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Since you lived through the Aryan controversy ..."

Mike Aquilina shares this awesome urban legend:
There's an urban legend making the rounds about Pope Benedict's visit to the United States. The story goes that Vice-President Cheney asked the pontiff what he's been reading. The Holy Father replied that he's been researching "the Arian heresy." Cheney, thinking the pope meant "Aryan," said, "That must be interesting for you, since you lived through it. And Benedict responded, "I'm old, but I'm not that old."
Alas, it's just an urban legend, but hilarious nonetheless! What lies at its root, apparently, is the attempt of the newly elected Mayor of London to indulge in some humor by referring to the 4th century Arian controversy. The tabloids are still having a field day, it would seem.

Mike links to this piece in The Telegraph which details what the Mayor actually said, and why the Arian controversy was not just those crazy ancients dabbling in theological minutiae. A great way to head into Trinity Sunday!

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