Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Pope at Blimpie

I was at a local Blimpie's Sub earlier to grab a sandwich for lunch. The two guys working the counter noticed the book I was carrying: The Essential Pope Benedict XVI: His central writings & speeches. "Is that about the current Pope? The new guy?" They were, apparently, quite enthusiastic about him. "Man, he's cool." Did they follow his visit? "No, just saw the news." No, this isn't a biography, but a selection from his writings. "So, like philosophical stuff." Yeah, but a good way to get to know his thought. What did they think of his visit? "A great man. It seems that while critical of some of America's interventions overseas, he was still praising America. He seemed to like us." A fair enough assessment if any! "I'd also heard that when he was elected many weren't happy." I did a brief mini-spiel on the CDF, and the differences in roles, as well as the genuine humility and holiness of the man, which we all saw. "And what do you think of him? Is he a good Pope?" YEAH! I love him! "Cool! So, you want chips and a drink with that?"

And nope, these young fellow aren't Catholic either. Right here in rural northern Georgia too. You don't get much more heartland than this. :)


Fr. Andrew said...

So again, an old, stuck-in-the-middle-ages pope seems to be attracting youth. Maybe he's born with it? Maybe its Maybelline? Maybe its the Petrine charism.

...and, yes, I had to google Maybelline to know how to spell it...

Mattheus Mei said...

HA! Maybe its Maybelline! Too funny! It's amazing how Protestants (especially southern Protestants) will respect and have an almost Romantic notion of Catholicism and especially the Pope, but generally don't convert. Save for the few of us who follow up on those charactaristic southern gothic notions.

Gashwin said...

"Christ haunted" wot, Matty? What was that book you were raving about a few years back about Southern Catholics or Christians?

And I had to Google Maybelline to figure out what it meant! A cosmetics line? Ha! :) In India, the ladies use "Fair & Lovely" (talk about internalized racism). In the US, I've never really paid attention to cosmetics for some odd reason ... :)

But yeah, Fr. Andrew: he doesn't connect with the young yada yada yada zzzz.