Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Myanmar Cyclone: Relief Agencies

[My earlier post on Cyclone Nargis. I'm putting together here a list of major international relief agencies. Continue praying for the Burmese people, for their government and for all the aid workers. This post will be updated regularly.]

Main link: Myanmar Relief Blog.

The important thing, I seem to gather, is that it is important to donate to organizations that have a presence on the ground, given how the military junta is placing obstacles to international agencies. The agencies listed below do have on-the-ground operations in Myanmar.

The Pontifical Institute for Foreign Misisons
(PIME) is also involved in local on-the-ground efforts. S. Andrea Tornielli, Italian Vaticanista, has details on how to give money to PIME -- at least for those in Europe or Italy.

There are two Facebook Groups with updates and links
Myanmar Cyclone Victims is the larger one.

Myanmar Cyclne Watch actually started before the storm struck, and is focused on Australian aid groups.

CNN is now reporting that the death-toll from the cyclone might be over 100,000. Oh my God! What seems clear is just how little information there is about the extent of the damage ...

Myanmar Relief
is a blog dedicated to updates on the cyclone, with links to relief agencies, local news and other coverage. This is the best place to go, I've found.

CNN also has a list of relief agencies in their "Impact your World" section.

Medcins Sans Frontiers

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian agency with long-standing operations on the ground in Myanmar. They are accepting donations online.

Americares is another humantiarian relief organization soliciting donations. From an email I got from Americares: "AmeriCares has assembled life-saving medical and other humanitarian supplies at their Stamford, CT and Amsterdam warehouses to be shipped immediately to their partners on the ground in Myanmar. AmeriCares staff are also en route to the region."

Save the Children is specifically working to make sure that children affected by the Cyclone get the attention they need.

UNICEF is on the ground.

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