Friday, May 16, 2008

More techie geekdom ...

First Jott (see below).

A few days ago, Twitter.

Then last night, after ongoing insistence from friends overseas, I downloaded Skype And a few minutes after downloading, found Kem online in Guangzhou and got to talk to him and his wife! I'm also hoping another college friend, who spends long stretches of time on an oil-rig off the coast of Angola will be online often. Now if only they offered a SkypeIn number in India ... [Skype, it seems, is more popular overseas than in the US ... a brief look right now at "Live public conversations on Skype" reveal a huge number in Arabic, and one in Turkish. I'm sure they're all monitored by Dick Cheney, so I'll avoid entering. Besides, I don't speak a lick of either arabiyah or turki. :)]

And now, via Fr. Roderick, there's Daily Lit: books delivered to your inbox (or RSS feeder) in small, easily readable chunks. I signed up and am starting out with St. Thomas More's Utopia.

[I'm giving a talk this Sunday to the various Hispanic leaders and catechists in the parish here. Do I know what I'm saying yet? Very vaguely ... but it's so much cooler being geeky than writing out my talk! :)]

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