Monday, May 19, 2008

India at peace. But not with Christians

That's the title of the latest column by Sandro Magister on the ongoing persecution of Christians in India. It's a translation of the article that appeared in the Italian magazine Mondo e Missione, which John Allen reported on last week, and which I translated last week as well.

[Quibble: I'm not sure it's entirely accurate to describe India as being "at peace." Yes, the economic reforms have changed the landscape irrevocably, but there are huge tensions still unresolved: Kashmir, the ongoing Naxalite (Maoist) guerrilla war in many parts of the rural heartland, separatist movements in the northeast, particularly in Assam. If one goes to New Delhi, or Bombay, or even the bigger regional cities, one won't really notice these, and even there the hand of Islamic radicalism makes itself felt periodically, as the recent bomb blast in Jaipur testifies. It's not as if India is at peace, and its only "problem" are Christians.]

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