Monday, May 12, 2008

I found a field with a buried treasure

A Benedictine monk with a beard bushy enough to house wildlife shares the beautiful story of his call to the Church and the priesthood. [Via this blog of a Salesian priest, via the Anchoress.]

The bulk of the background music is Veni, veni Emmanuel. Towards the end, it is clearly from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. A jazzed up modern version. With an interlude that is not from the original work. The lyrics (except for the interlude) are definitely from the original, which is a secular hymn to the Goddess of Fortune (Fortuna), dating from the 12th century. If anyone knows what this modern version is, that would be awesome: Lyrics (with trasnalation)
Sors salutis, Fate (sors = lot/fate/fortune) in health
et virtutis, and virtue
michi nunc contraria, is now against me
est affectus, willing
et defectus, and unwilling
semper in angaria. always enslaved.
Hac in hora. So at this hour
sine mora, without delay
cordae pulsum tangite, pluck the pulsating chord,
quod per sortem, for by fate
sternit fortem, (she) strikes the strong,
mecum omnes plangite, weep with me all.


Robertus Sancti Pauli said...

In response to your request for more info, the artist is Eric Levi under the name Era. Check out this interesting music video which contains the Sors Salutis:

Gashwin said...

Roberte, multas tibi gratias ago!

The link above got cut off, so here it is again, properly coded. Cool stuff this, all this New-Agey music based on chant and Latin.