Monday, May 05, 2008

Bibles for China

[Via Intentional Disciples]. Apparently, the Chinese government has given permission for 15 million Bibles to be printed and distributed to Chinese Catholics. Part of the PR blitz for the Olympics, no doubt. The Holy Father has endorsed the project, and has sponsored the production of 12,500 Bibles.

The Bibles are to be distributed through Partnership for China, an international non-profit that works to promote and preserver Chinese culture, provide humanitarian assistance, and so on.

From their website:
The Church in China Needs Your Help

It is very difficult to imagine that even today a Christian may have never had a personal copy of the Bible. In the west we may have several copies on a shelf and we have the privilege of having scriptures in different formats, on DVD on films and on the internet. This is not the case throughout China.

Together with many friends in China and through your help we are committed to making hundreds of thousands of Bibles available in China. We need your help!

We are also committed to making available the accompanying formation and formation materials.

• We need many to pray for this project.
• We need many to give what they can. With $4 USD we can produce a Bible package containing a Bible, a DVD about the life of Jesus and a booklet about The Discovering of God in Chinese Characters
• To make this project go faster we need, this year, 1,500 individuals to donate $1,500 each.
• Consider contributing to this wonderful mission and may God bless you!


The list of endorsements for Partnership for China include his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Doug Coe, Catholic leaders from the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal ICCRS, leaders from the Catholic Fraternity of Covenant Communities of Pontifical Right, several Bishops world wide, as well as leaders from Youth Arise International and a number of Catholic Universities.
So, please publicize this widely, pray for this project, and consider monetary support.

[As some of y'all know, my best friend from college lives in China. I visited him a few years back, and in Macau we stumbled upon a bunch of evangelical Christians from the US distributing Bibles, and ended up taking several in our luggage back into the mainland, so K could distribute them to his co-workers and friends. None are Catholic, or Christian. He shares his faith with them as he can, and I know of a few who have started going to Mass with him, and his (Hindu) wife.]

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