Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back. Some major blogging ahead ...

A good friend is visiting me this week. He's a Jesuit priest from India, the brother-in-law of a close college friend. It's his first time outside India (it was also his first time in a plane!) ... he's in the US for a summer course, and took some time off to come down South to visit. He works as a missionary with a community of very new Christians. The stories from the mission field are simply unbelievable ... we've had some great conversations, and I hope to do an interview with him for the blog about his experience of direct evangelical work as a missionary in India, as well as share some of many stories that I have heard already.

Stay tuned!


Sherry W said...


I'm eagerly waiting to hear those stories!

Gashwin said...

Oh I have at least six pages of notes ... we're working on the final installment this evening. Then to polish it up and post it ... hopefully tonight or early tomorrow! My guest leaves these here parts tomorrow ... Stay tuned!