Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tyler's Ride

Got an invite on Facebook* from a Paulist priest acquaintance about a new project launched by Paulist Productions: looks like it's an online tv series called Tyler's Ride. I saw the trailer -- kinda like "The OC" meets ... faith? Jeremy Camp has a guest role. It launches tomorrow. Check it out. I'll see what the first one is like ...

I emailed Barb Nicolosi to see if she'd heard of it: she got the invite, but doesn't know anything more. [Check out her review of Expelled. I really want to see it. It's playing a few towns over. I'm not sure that I want to do a 70 mile round-trip just to see a cool documentary, not with $3.50+ gas! Perhaps next week when I have a meeting down in Atlanta ... ]

* In case anyone goes looking, Gashwin doesn't exist on Facebook. I'm on there under the real name. :)

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