Monday, April 14, 2008

Two kinds of Jews: Catholics and Protestant

Got your attention? Well Rabbi James Rudin at the excellent New York Times Pope Blog certainly did mine! What he means is Jews who grew up in predominantly Catholic areas, who experienced bigotry and bashing from Catholics, versus Jews who grew up in Protestant areas, who tended to find allies in Catholics, who were also perceived as a strange, foreign minority.

What a fascinating perspective!

Lots of other great stuff.

Including this bit from the moderator:
For all the unbridgeable differences expressed, as moderator, I expect this forum of experts to be a high-minded, intelligent exchange of opinions. What you will not see here is a majority of the mail we're getting. It falls generally into three categories: obscene language aimed at the church over the sex-abuse crisis; flat-out anti-Catholic vitriol and even threats; and unprintable language used by some Catholics in damning non-Catholics.
How easily the Internet manifests the seamy side of human nature!

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