Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Triumph of Benedict

This visit has been a triumph. That's the word.

I know I'll be unpacking it for a long time to come. As will the Church in America, for sure. And, perhaps even, the rest of our society.


(I had to chuckle at Fr. Neuhaus' remarks at the end of the Yankee Stadium, when he said, "well we're supposed to avoid any triumphalism. But I'm going to say it nonetheless." Or something to that effect)

Incidentally, Fr. Neuhaus said, in response to a viewer's emailed question, that the Apostolic Blessing that the Holy Father imparts extends even to those watching on TV, as long as they are properly disposed to receive it. I wonder if that applies to religious objects as well? Not that objects can be disposed or indisposed :), but whether it counts that I held up two new things that I bought today [there was a dealer from the Holy Land who had set up table after Mass. More on that later] in front of the TV?

So, I might have two things that might have been blessed by the Holy Father. Hmm. A conditional blessing? :)


St. Izzy said...

I was only half listening to EWTN's talking heads, but I thought that I heard Fr. Neuhaus’ co-host subsequently say that they had been passed word that the blessing only extended to those actually present.

I'd have to replay the file to be sure, though, and I'm not really up to that right now.

Gashwin said...

Oh darn. A shame. I'll just have to go to Rome and get them blessed again, wot? :)