Sunday, April 13, 2008

Questioning Darwinism

[H/t Everyday Apostles] A link to the trailer below of a new documentary that talks about the lack of freedom in the scientific community when it comes to questioning some basic assumptions that support the current neo-darwinian consensus.

First I'm hearing of this documentary. I don't normally go for the kind of conspiracy-theory rhetoric that the trailer displays. However, I think I'll check it out for sure.

Back at the campus ministry I worked at, a few years ago, we had a discussion on Intelligent Design, and a very respected microbiologist, well published, and also a solid, orthodox Catholic, gave a presentation saying that ID was rather poor science. I can see why ID is appealing to conservative Christians ... However, I'm afraid I really don't know much about the scientific details. And, as recent conversations have highlighted, the problem is more with the overarching metaphysical narrative that neo-Darwinists project and impose, than with the science itself, strictly speaking.

If this documentary is about bringing some sense of freedom back to the scientific discussion as well, then more power to them.

Website for Expelled. (It's playing a couple of towns over, some 40 miles away. Road trip, perhaps?)

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