Thursday, April 17, 2008

Praise the Lord

The Holy Father met with victims of sexual abuse, in a private meeting at the Nunciature.

It's not going to satisfy everyone. I don't think anything will. But I'm pleased that the Holy Father has not shied away from mentioning the scandal, the pain it has caused, and reaching out to the victims. Now, if he could also admit that the scandal was as much about episcopal misfeasance as it was about the abuse, that would be even better.

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Mattheus Mei said...

Good lord did I get a lot of hits and comments!! - I went out last night and responded to some of the comments rather harshley as one is want to do at 1:30 AM, but when I woke up this morning - I took them down, to harsh a critique on all those disaffected Catholics who used the abuse scandal as a scape goat for leaving the church.