Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More on the new Bishop of Shreveport

Also from the whizz-kid, Rocco. This is the part that raised eyebrows (in a good way):
What's more, two weeks before his arrival in the nation's capital (and a day before the dedication of its largest see's new hub) the pontiff has given yet another notable wink to the heart of Texas and one of the nation's fastest-growing dioceses, which welcomed 2,000 converts at this year's Easter Vigil, including a combined 500 newcomers in two parishes.
Read that again. Imagine being at an Easter Vigil with two hundred and fifty people being received! WOAH! ALLELUIA! (The link to the story about the new Catholics in Dallas didn't copy.)

As so many have observed, the shift is palpable. It's in the South that the Church is growing and vibrant and alive. The Northeast better wake up ... (anyway, they're all Yankees ... :)).

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