Saturday, April 05, 2008



Fr. T left a message on the voicemail yesterday: he had taken Molly on her last car ride. He put her to sleep in the morning.

This had been a long-time coming. When I visited SC in December, he'd talked about doing this then. Her health had been failing for a long time, and she was skin and bones and could barely walk. It's never an easy decision.

I've known Molly since Fr. Tim moved to the parish in 1997. She was around 2 then. That's her in her less-than-friendly form on the left, with Fr. T's second pooch, Rusty. Molly loved people. She didn't really take to other dogs.

Thanks Molly, for so many years of absolutely wonderful companionship!
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Heather said...

Molly was such a comfort to me when I was first at school. I can remember going to the center just to pet her and hang out on the swing - it made USC feel more like home (until USC became home).

That is probably the most disturbing picture of her I've ever seen though. What's with the photo choice G?

Hugs, ~Heather

Gashwin said...

I scoured my hard drive clean, but this (along with another similar one) was the only photo of Molly that I could find! I guess all the others I have are old fashioned prints, which are boxed away and not easy to access to scan in ...