Friday, April 11, 2008

Missal for the Pope's visit released

PDF at Vatican website.

Flurry of furious commentary at NLM.

Thanks to a choir member, I've seen the music that will be sung at the Mass at the Nationals Stadium in DC. I must say I was surprised at how contemporary a lot of it is ... though, I do recall seeing "Holy God We Praise Thy Name." I squashed the tendency to take notes and blog on this, because, really, I'm far from DC, and quite content to pray for the success of the visit, observe and watch from afar, and try and not get sucked into vortices of discussion on things liturgical.


Mac said...

What is the music?

"Holy God we praise thy name" to the tune "Te Deum" from the Ka­thol­isch­es Ge­sang­buch? That hardly seems very modern....

(It's also the tune for one of the standard Remembrance Day hymns -- "Land of our birth we pledge to thee" -- that we used to have at school assemblies on the last school day before November 11, in the days when religion in school was not only uncontroversial but axiomatic.)

Gashwin said...

As I said that was the exception. There were some African-American spirituals (which is fine too). I don't recall the other stuff.