Monday, April 21, 2008

Me wants to go!

(H/t Intentional Disciples)

Catholic New Media Celebration: Come for the Eucharistic Congress. Stay for the Catholic New Media Celebration.


St. Izzy said...

I have a friend in the Dallas area who listens to the Daily Breakfast podcast, and poking around links from there I ran across the 22 June doings.

It looks interesting, but listening to a couple of the podcasts hasn't convinced me that I need to attend. It is a fairly interesting mix of topics; ep. 469 includes ruminations on the Holy Father's visit & messages as well as speculation on the last cylon. But it all seems a bit too chipper for me.

And the network name? Star Quest Production Network? Really?

Gashwin said...

Fr. Roderick is a super-geek. For whatever reason, I find his stuff to be fun, though. Yes, SQPN is a bit ... oh I don't know ... dorky ... remember he's Dutch though, not American.

As to the meet: it's not just about the Daily Breakfast and his SQPN buddies (though I like what they do ... and I'm just getting back into downloading and listening to podcasts regularly after a two-year hiatus), it's the first ever Catholic "new media" (podcasts, blogger what have you) convention. Slew of super bloggers are supposed to be there ... including, tentatively (she's not yet sure), Amy of course. :)

Besides, the Eucharistic Congress is the day before ... definitely worth it, I'd say!