Thursday, April 17, 2008

I know him!

Just tuned into it as the Kyrie was starting at the Mass with the Holy Father at Nationals Stadium ... and who do I see? A former Paulist brother! Deacon Steven Bell CSP, who will be, God willing, ordained to the priesthood this summer.

Steven is a talented singer, and seems to know half the world. His ordination will be overflowing.

And here he is cantoring the Mass for the Holy Father! GO STEVEN!

[I'm going to switch to EWTN. Can't stand the Fox anchors chattering away, and commercials interrupting Mass!]

Oh, and in the choir I also spotted good friend Bree Dawkins. GO BREE!!!!


Liam said...

USCCB is streaming the Mass live on the web too. The commentary is understated and helpful and there are no commercials.

Gashwin said...

I ended up watching it on EWTN on a big tv. Unfortunately. The unfortunate part being EWTN. There wasn't really any commentary during Mass, except at one point, when Fr. Neuhaus couldn't resist pooh-poohing the music, and just as Mass ended, he launched into a dour grumble. I'm going to blog on that in a second. It ruined the whole darn mood.

Mattheus Mei said...

Go Steven!!! Woo Hoo, had to link to this post!

Jason said...

hehe...When I first heard the cantoring of the Kyrie, I thought, "Gee, that voice sounds familiar," and then sure enough! There he was!

I had to leave right after the amazing homily to teach class, but I also caught Fr. Neuhaus's comment and had a similar reaction.

Jaybird said...

I blogged about Deacon Bell's participation as well! I sang at his ordination. He was just beaming.