Friday, April 18, 2008

I felt it!

I was awake through part of the night. These stupid migraines are getting worse. (This happens every few years. Don't ask.) And at one point, I felt the house rattle. I looked at the clock -- 5:40 am. I got out of bed. An earthquake? Nah ... must be my imagination. I got back into bed and prayed that the headache would end.

Not a hallucination! According to the USGS, there was a 5.2 Richter event in Southern Illinois, some 130 miles east of St. Louis MO, around 4:37 am CDT. According to the "Did you feel it" statistics reported in, several people in northern Georgia felt it.

The last time I recall being in an earthquake was in 1993, the devastating Latur earthquake that killed over 10,000 people in Central India. I didn't feel it though. I was asleep, on a train, a few hundred kilomters away. The folks in Bombay were terrified though.

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St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Lots of terrible jokes present themselves --

Glad you were safe.