Saturday, April 19, 2008

His affectionate thanks at the end of the Mass

... at St. Patrick's.

[Fr. Z has the audio for this portion. (Ah, the server's down. Probably too many hits!) H/t Amy.]

I'm trying to submit a transcript I typed up over at Fr. Z's, but for some reason it doesn't seem to be going through. Here it is:
In this moment I can only thank ... grace (?) ... for your love of the church, for Our Lord and that you give also your love to the poor Successor of St. Peter. I will do all the possible to be a real successor of the great St. Peter who also was a man with his faults and sins, but he remains finally the rock for the Church ... and so also I, with all my poorness ... spiritual ... can be with the grace of the Lord in this time the Successor of Peter ... and your prayers and love will give me the certainty that the Lord will help me in this, my ministry. So I am so deeply thankful for your love, for your prayer, and my answer in this moment to all what you have given to me in this moment and this visit is my blessing at the end of the Holy Mass.

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