Saturday, April 19, 2008

¡Gracias por el "Sí"!

As the Mass at St. Patrick's comes to a close, Cardinal Bertone thanks the Holy Father for his "Yes" to his call to the See of Peter on this anniversary of his election, on behalf of the College of Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Seminarians, Religiou and lay faithful. He thanks him for his three gifts: the two encyclicals and the book "Jesus of Nazareth."

And he's speaking in Spanish! Another affirmation from the Holy Father and the Holy See that this is indeed a legitimate American language for use in the Church! :)

Now a standing ovation. Oh my heart is overflowing with such joy!


He's speaking ex-tempore: thanking them for their love and affection, and prayers. That he'll be a worthy successor to the great St. Peter, who was not without his own faults and failing

Oh lord, I find tears welling up. What a wonderful and spontaneous moment of pure affection and joy!

[Fr. Z has the audio for this portion. H/t Amy.]

Recessional: Holy God We Praise Thy Name. Composed by Fr. Clarence Walworth, one of the five companions of Fr. Hecker who founded the Paulists in this city. [Fr. Walworth ended up leaving Fr. Hecker's band -- twice -- and served as a priest of the Diocese of Albany]

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