Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Go Mark

Mark Shea tackles the question of the authorship of the Fourth Gospel in this brilliant column at Catholic Exchange - Your Faith. Your Life. Your World.:
Long ago, sometime between Jesus (whoever he really was) and the rise of the 'organized Church', some unknown editors just cooked up a story about Jesus, attributed it to, say, John, and sent it off to random communities of Stupid People who were 2000 years dumber than us. These Stupid People naturally believed without question both that the book was from John and that John was telling the truth, so they started a Church based on this book. They never bothered to check up on any of this, because they were 2000 years more gullible than we Brights. Nor did anybody from the community where John lived ever say, 'Hey! John didn't write that!' Nor did John himself ever protest that he'd said nothing of the kind. Fortunately, Brights are 2000 years smarter and these elementary questions occur to them.

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