Monday, April 28, 2008

Free trade and rice

A great column in the NYT explains how freer trade can help poor rice farmers.

Let's not forget that prices are signals that provide information to producers, suppliers as to where the demand is, and how to go about meeting them. The more state and other interference muddles and distorts that information, the worse it is for all concerned.

Times like these call for clear thinking, based on sound economic principles. Not fuzzy, if well-intentioned, demagoguery.

[Aside: pro-abortion, and protectionist talk. Why am I supposed to like Obama?]


Fr. Andrew said...

Was your aside a serious question? In the sense of a sober investigation of his strengths and weaknesses?

Gashwin said...

Well, I have many good friends who rave about the Senator from Illinois. It's a little signal to them that I don't share their sentiments. :)