Friday, April 25, 2008

Big Apple Rumors

In this excellent piece (well, pretty much all his pieces are!) on the legacy of Abp John Carroll of Baltimore, Rocco sheds some of his inside-track light on what is easily one of the most important episcopal appointment in the US, and as he suggests, quite possibly of Pope Benedict's pontificate: the next Archbishop of New York.

While the Pope was still in town, the NYT lead with rumors mentioning Abp Dolan of Milwaukee and, closer to home, Abp Gregory of Atlanta. However, "The shape of the speculation might not exactly match that of the terna, but the coverage does reflect the clarity of the two top qualities sought in the Big Apple's tenth archbishop."

[A more extensive survey of the field appeared on Easter Sunday]

From the first piece, to-read text of the day: Abp Dolan's address at the Baltimore Basilica. (PDF link) Abp Dolan is a fantastic preacher. I've heard him twice: he lead the catechesis for our group at WYD in Toronto in 2002, and he spoke at the last Evangelical Catholic Institute that I attended in 2006.

And, thanks, Rocco, for using a photo taken by yours truly for the article, from my Basilica of the Assumption set at Flickr. :)

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