Monday, April 21, 2008

Benedict-ine Reactions

The Anchoress has a wonderful list of links. (With her own phenomenal one: The Last 20th Century Man.) Oh and another one linked at Amy's. That should be enough, for now, to help me with deal with PWS: Pope Withdrawal Syndrome.

Yesterday someone told me, "Gosh it's such a wonderful day outside!" My response was, "Yeah. I'll wait till the Pope's gone. Then I'll deal with the outside." :)

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Mac said...

Oh, possibly it might do to consider the practicalities that your parishioners contend with, which are possibly considerably closer to earth. I was just gnashing my teeth over the (as always) enraging disposition of American political commentators to complain about the price of gasoline -- my mother in Canada says that the one consolation at the gas pump is that at last the GD Americans are also starting to feel just a little bit of the pinch too -- and reconciling myself to the expected $1.30 a litre. When I discovered that it is now up to $1.40 a litre: that's $5.60 a US gallon, you know.