Saturday, March 01, 2008

To set the mood ...

Friend of blogger Mike Aquilina, is in Rome and blogging away. Lots of church photos! She seems to be visiting the stational churches. I will be doing that next week as well. And a fascinating post about a panel on Populorum Progressio sponsored by the Acton Institute.

[Given the hectic social schedule this week, I've had very little time to surf and get a sense of what's going on in Rome in the upcoming week or so. Maybe tomorrow. After I repack the bags, and take my nephew shopping ... :)]

I leave for the Eternal City tomorrow night, for my longest stay yet: about 10 days. More on that later.

Right now it's off to bed.

It happens towards the end of my visits to Bombay: I end up loathing the place. The traffic is truly and unimaginably horrendous and it takes forever to get to anywhere, especially when one is staying in the distant northern suburbs. (Well, to an inveterate south Bombayite like myself, Andheri seems distant. It may have been back in the day; it's not really anymore. There's much much more of the city further to the north now as well ... ). It took an hour and a half to cover the approximately 8km from Bandra to Andheri this evening from my cousin's in-laws. In a loud rick, in the middle of a traffic nightmare, horns blarning and who knows what being sucked into one's lungs.

But, once I depart, the realities of traffic will recede, and rosy memories will dominate, and I shall look forward to the next visit, whenever that might be, to the throbbing heart of the subcontinent. Bambai meri jaan

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