Thursday, March 06, 2008

Some random shots

I don't have the time to write detailed travelogues. Not having internet access in my room is partly the reason. So, here's a few shots.

The sculpture of the resurrection from the Paul VI Audience Hall. I've yet to find someone who likes it.

Ceiling of a small Byzantine chapel in the Pontifical Oriental Institute.

My host, Fr. B, in the excavations underneath S. Martino ai Monti (this morning's station church). This is the area Christian settlement dating to the 4th century, and somewhere in this spot the Nicene Creed was first received and prayed by the people and clergy of Rome!

The church of St. Lawrence outside the Walls, built over the tomb of this martyr.

The Italian military hospital behind the Irish College. Its most famous patient was one German by the name of Keppler, the Nazi commander who ruled Rome during WWII. He was serving a life sentence in Italy and escaped rather easily from this hospital towards the end of his life! Those who've seen the movie the Scarlet and the Black know who I'm talking about.


Mattheus Mei said...

Resurrection? I thought that was Last Judgement!!! I've never seen Jesus look like such a vampire or demoniac!!!

Gashwin said...

As someone else remarked ... it looks as if he'll pounce on the Holy Father if he messes up!