Monday, March 17, 2008

Pietro: fun quotes

[Might as well put these in their own post]

Today was a fun day and here are some more funny quotes.

“The world is like a book, he who does not travel only reads a single page.” Saint Augustine, written on the wall of the hostel.

“Wow, these are like butt-hugging chairs.” Gashwin as he got on the bus in Ravenna.
“Where is the trash? It doesn’t matter the whole darn country is a trashcan.” - On the fact that it is impossible to find a trashcan anywhere.

“He is trying to show the shower who is wearing the pants in this relationship.” – Said of Pietro in the shower, as loud noises emanated once he went in.

“Maybe I am at that age when the male biological clock is going off.” Gashwin – As he looks out the window of the train and makes faces at a little bambino.

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