Saturday, March 08, 2008

P & J in Roma!

My buds from SC are in town! Pietro has been busy writing all we've been doing, unlike myself, who's been too busy meeting all and sundry in the Eternal City ... I'll be posting P's daily accounts on here. Starting ..... NOW

3/7/08 7:35 AM

Well we anticipate the final 30 minutes of our flight and landing at FCO. We are on time and early with an expected arrival at 8:10 AM in Rome. I slept approximately 2 to 3 hours, while Joe watched movies all night. I picked up a pillow and night mask before the trip and they really helped. During the flight I watched House and Numb3rs, in addition to listening to the Rascal Flatts. I then fell asleep watching the Bourne Ultimatum.
I am very excited. On our first leg, I could pick out my apartment and the SC State House. The weather was perfect. Gashwin is supposed to meet us at the railroad station, so until then I am a little anxious but I know we will be fine. Well I am getting distracted so I will just leave to write more later.


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